Who We Are?

about us

Hello there!

I’m Joan, the mom and the voice behind JUMP AdventurEscapes. To complete the JUMP pack is the dad Mindy and the only son-shine Joaquin. JUMP is simply the combination of our name initials as we love to jump into adventures and challenges.

We are a typical family of three, and as our blog name suggests, we love to explore new places and experience the joy of traveling as a family. We have regular 9-5 jobs and Joaquin attends a  regular school, so we are doing our ‘explorations’ when our time permits. Admittedly though, we think of the possibilities of having a flexible work style in order to have more time to spend together as we please. Hopefully someday.

This is not an exclusive mom blog, but maybe a family blog of some sorts. Our travels, day to day adventures, mundane what-nots, tips and tricks. Included also are imported posts from my personal blog I started years ago – a sweet and sometimes embarrassing reminder of how my brain worked pre-mamahood.


Thank you for being here and happy reading!