Adventure of another kind

Each of us goes through a phase in life that will become a turning point for the direction that we will be heading to. It is a matter of deciding wisely, for it will make or break us, so to say, and that the future lies on that certain decision.
Since the time that I need to think of my future and the kind of life I will lead, I thought of living a simple life, just as the way I lived when I was still in the care if my parents. Just as imagined, I lived another typical existence: a girl fresh from college struggling to establish a career and eventually gain independence. Five years into a relationship with a man who I eventually married and started a family, life itself is as normal as anyone. Became a mother to a baby son, and thus another typical existence commenced. Any person in a situation just like mine would definitely agree that at some point, we came to reflect if this are all that life has to offer. If I look my life now using the eyes that I had, say, 10 years ago, I would not definitely trod this kind of path, honestly. I think this is a confined life, a life lacking in adventure. I am not a certified wanderlust but, yes I love to travel. Being single and worry-free, I only have myself to look after to. There was a time where my overnight backpack do not get to rest over on weekends, either there was a sleepover at a friend’s house, or an out of town trip somewhere, especially during long weekends.
Fast forward ten years later, I’m turning 30 (gosh!) and having a 2 year old son and a husband so dear, what could be more adventurous than this life? There are so many definitions of adventure, and probably all of it is subjective, depends on how we define it. This sense of adventure I’m experiencing comes from the fact that ” Everyday is a new day”; means that I encounter different things, which requires from me a different approach to deal with, to solve, to respond to these situations. We have been told time and again that ” Life is a constant change”. I look at adventure as something that we do not know what lies ahead. We just have to go ahead and do it.
Motherhood is the greatest adventure I am treading on so far. It give me the highs, and the lows as well. Well lately, the lows are freaking me out. I get my nerve wrecked if I sense something is wrong with my little one. My husband says sometimes I’m overreacting, but he can’t blame me. All of us mothers can agree that our maternal instincts always get a red alert.
So I guess I poured out my sentiments. This a great adventure!



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