Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

In answer to the Daily Prompt, what life would be without a computer?

I never really got to operate an actual computer before I finished high school. I was given a crash course in basic computer operation during the summer break, but I think it really did not sink in my mind. All I did anyway was studying the typing tutor. We just bought a surplus computer just a year prior from the Y2K, a Pentium 1 when the latest would be a Pentium 4. It was during the time when carrying floppy disks was perceived as cool, but one accidental drop and poof!.files get corrupted. Better rely on the good ol’ typewriter for that.

I just wrote a trackback of my first moments with a computer. I am in the memory lane when my world was not yet invaded by technology. I was still very young that time, and I did spend my childhood mostly outside exploring the things around. Certainly, life was very simple, uncomplicated and easy. At least in a child’s point of view.

Now, I cannot imagine life if all the computers in the world will suddenly vanish. Not just computers, we will include the smartphones, tablets and all gadgets computer-related. Especially for me, our communication with my husband depends on computers. We live on different continents with different time zones, and technology is really the one that kept us close. There is no way for me to give up my online habit. Even if we will be living  with him in the future, still computers have a big role in keeping my ties with the rest of our families. That is just the sole reason for holding on to my computer. But then again if all my loved ones are just around, maybe that will be the time I can live without a computer.

Emerald Park, Regina, SK. Where my heart is.
Emerald Park, Regina, SK.
Where my heart is.


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