Minutes too late

In keeping up with my resolve to put in something everyday, this song I just heard this morning over the radio reminds me of the early years of my high school. No, it’s not that I recall the song based on a personal experience in similarity with the meaning, BUT because I had an argument with a female classmate over the words used on the song. Take note, we were debating during our gardening class when we had to plant leafy vegetables under a scorching heat. Well, MLTR was one of the famous bands at that time, even small kids like to sing their songs not knowing what they really meant. I was once hooked on following an FM station’s top 10 hits countdown every Sundays and my classmates and I would then talk about it when we meet for classes on Mondays.
Michael Learns to Rock songs have since then transcended the test of time, and now they are already considered classics and I think they have become a standard repertoire for those wanting to belt their vocal chords out out on a video karaoke. Personally, I don’t mind hearing their songs on a marathon every once in a while. I was a fan, and will always be.


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