movie break

During my single hood days, I would just while away the weekend by camping infront of the tv set and watch DVDs until my eyes can’t take them anymore. I miss those fridays that I would take home movie titles to gobble up on weekends, those days when I still don’t have a love life, because when I got my self a boyfriend there was some kind of a shift in my weekend movie schedule. Well, that’s entirely a different story to tell. Anyway, all of us at home- my parents and sisters were also fond of watching movies together so that makes us all movie junkies.

Two weeks ago I have watched again Serendipity for the nth time. I cannot anymore recall how many times I have watched this movie, and how many times I have written about it in my social networking sites. It somehow just became a part of me, I mean this movie is something I can totally relate to. Definitely not the storyline, it’s really too good to be true but who knows if it really happened in real life. Well, I just can’t help but feel cheesy and mushy as the movie went on. Even if I almost memorized the scenes there are some parts that I want to replay over again. Reviewing a certain part made me think what if it had a different continuation? To those who can relate, what if Jonathan pushed through with his wedding? Would he and Sarah still find their way with each other? For me what made it more worth watching again and again is the fairytale element of the story, as if all the odds conspired to bring them together. With the help of internet I searched for a more clearer version of a line made by the male lead Jonathan. To quote:

“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences, but rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan.”

A realist would judge the story to be something that would take place one in a million chances, but I believe that somehow, it does happen, however slim the chance may be.




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