High School Romance

Some of the books I read. Photo from the internet

I recently thought of posting stuff that remind me of things nostalgic. What came to mind was my fondness for these teen novels Sweet Dreams. I started reading these pocketbooks when I entered high school. There were 233 stand-alone stories, meaning each story is not related to another, and I think I have read two thirds of the 233 published books. Being high school, the stories are really close to heart, for they mostly tackled about teen romances, going through high school, the ups and downs of growing up. As I write this I remember one time I made a list of the titles that I have already read, and one of my classmates saw that list not knowing they were titles. He thought I was writing words for a love letter. You see, the books are titled in phrases all relating to love. I searched the bookstores for any copies reprinted, unfortunately those genres are not popular anymore. I am looking at least for e-books so I can relive the fun of reading those stories.



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