My mind seems so blank

After a week full of stress, I don’t know if i will get a breather. These days, everything is so hectic that I don’t even have time to unwind, and my only time spent at home is on evenings and I cant even spend much time bonding with my son. I so miss him, and I’m a bit guilty on not being there when he needs me, and most especially I feel sorry for myself because I’m not there to witness his milestones, like his first step. I know he walked when we were not around, but I guess this is just the price to pay for being a full time working mom, some things just needs to be like this..
I had a very stressful week these past days, and I think its not going any better, I just got some time updating this blog since I cant go to sleep now, I did not take any coffee and yet my system isn’t showing any slowdown,I mean my mind. There are lots of things going on in my head, one of this is giving my husband a massage.Oh how can I do that when he’s already sleeping like a dog, and I am dead tired, yet my mind is so active. Any idea on how to do it with just using brainwaves?



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