Small Wonder

I have lots of memories of our old wooden framed black and white television. One of these is the television show Small Wonder. It was a fictional story, a bit futuristic if I may add considering it still in the late 80’s and computers and robotics are sparingly heard about. It was one of the shows that I look forward to watching especially the cute robot girl who is the main character of the story. I had a dress similar to hers. I looked from a number of resources in the internet about this show, and well now I know that her dress is colored red. Image

What I remember with this story is that the girl is, well, a robot who can almost do anything: household chores, has high intelligence, super strength and witty one-liners in a robot-y voice that make up the comedy element of the sitcom. A particular scene that pops out from my memory bank is when Vicki the robot girl lifted the one of the bad guys who intentionally jammed up her computer programming. It amazes me that there are already a lot of videos in you tube, hats off to those who retained copies per episodes. Well I’m not surprised, everything can be restored already at these times.  Its been released in DVD in fact.


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