Treading a New Journey

July 2007. This is almost four years ago since I started this blog, yet I have only managed to put on a handful of entries. I don’t know what got into me that I just looked for this blog, and really found ways just to retrieve my user name and password. I remember making it a periodic resolve to update this blog whenever possible. But seems that time and circumstances were not really on my favor. Things were popping out here and then that really needed my attention- things that for me are more essential than updating this blog. I started this site when I was still single, young, carefree, in the middle of a career-switching decision. Those four years that came in between, countless things have happened that for me defined what person I am right now. This would become a very long narrative if I will enumerate all my adventures and misadventures during those four years. Hopefully, to elaborate more on those tasks and experiences will be a topic on each of my entries. 

Now I finally have some ideas on my future entries for this blog.

MEMOIRS. I fervently hope I can sustain this site.


Praise the Lord!



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