what a feeling!

Today I got up soo so early, it was still 3am when I checked on my watch. It was a rare incidence because I normally would wake up around 6-7am, just before I get myself ready for work at around 8. Maybe because its TGIF fever (thank God it’s Friday!). I didn’t know what to do, since I was not sleepy anymore. Mindy was out-of-town so I had no one to bug or wake up. I now remember I just had a bad dream, actually a gross one! Read: there were rats, two of them running out from my mouth! Yuck! That was enough to make me wide awake! since the world outside was still very quiet, I decided to check on my phone though I know no one will be texting me on that unholy hour. I thought of when am I gonna start on my “turning ordinary things to extraordinary things” project. I got that idea on a flickr website. Hmmm, on my birthday perhaps? That would be good timing to start on something fresh…
Now, my head’s starting to ache. I only got six hours of sleep! Plus a very hectic day today in the office; i think I’m going to sleep early tonight. Mindy and I agreed we will go jogging tomorrow early dawn. Time to shed some fats!



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