Wisdom from Kung Fu Panda

Eversince I was a kid I am already a fan of Kung Fu movies. I think I have already watched most of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films. Learning karate or any form of martial arts was one frustration I always had; it would now be impossible for me to start training. Well, it is never too late to learn they say, but I would rather Wackie learn martial arts for me, of course when he gets older.
Just a while ago I just finished watching this animated movie, and as expected there were lots of fight scenes which of course are still kid- friendly. Instead of people characters, animals represent the various characters in this tale which centers on believing in one’s innate capacity to overcome his limitations and taking advantage of his strengths. With Kung Fu being founded with many disciplines and philosophies, this movie is not complete without kung fu masters uttering one wise word or another. Master Oogway, a tortoise, who is the elder master gave most of the wisdom that guided the lead character Po the panda. I have encountered this quote, mostly in text message, and this is one of the more inspirational quotes by the elder master.

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift, that’s why it is called present.

Pondering on this proverb I came to realize that today,as a gift, I must enjoy what life gives me. Take advantage of what the present moment there is; stop and smell the flowers, take a pause and reflect. Realize the importance of the now moment and think of the capacity that I am endowed with to handle life’s challenges. Armed with this knowledge then I will be ready to face tomorrow that unfolds.

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