work-life balance

Browsing through various mommy sites, blogs, whatsoever and I often encounter the phrase WORK-LIFE BALANCE. I did not give it much thought since its not that interesting or I don’t think I can apply it in my everyday life, not unless its something that can make my son utter words in an instant. This idea being just coined recently is something of a new age philosophical discovery. Well, not really. It is still a classic concept but expressed in a modern terminology. Given that word, what comes to mind immediately is a picture of a career woman doing her best in workplace and at the same time being effective in being a mom. As the name itself suggests, it is the balance between work life, and personal life according to Wikipedia definition, and the proper prioritization of what come first.

As a working mom, I am trying my best to achieve that. Being at my best at work, my best at home especially in being a wife and mom, and the very best in balancing both.

WORK. LIFE. Balanced. That’s what I want.



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